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OSPA is a non-profit and membership based organization affiliated with the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP).

OSPA believes that:

• Comprehensive school psychological services are necessary for the mental health and educational needs of children and youth.
• Children need to experience success; we promote practices to ensure a safe and nurturing learning environment.
• Assessment practices should be linked to intervention.
• The family is an essential partner in education; we promote ethical standards and best practices of the profession; we advocate the rights and needs of children; we collaborate with related organizations and allied professionals; we promote an understanding and awareness of the profession; we respect and value the uniqueness of each child.



A NASP Affiliate


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Edmond, OK 73083

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Our Mission

The Oklahoma School Psychological Association serves its members by advancing the standard of the profession of school psychology and by providing opportunities for professional growth. We represent the membership by promoting the education, mental health, rights, and welfare of children and youth.
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